Curate and Connect

Crowd of people in face masks

The Curate and Connect project brings together special collections of Iriss resources based on topics at the forefront of the Covid-19 crisis. Each collection includes insights from a member of the social services workforce about the impact of Covid-19 and why this is an important topic right now. We also offer ways we can help you use the resources in practice.

Browse the collections so far:


By providing curated collections of our resources, relevant to Covid-19, we hope these will support practice and open up ways for us to connect with you.

Examples of how we could help you and your team to follow up on what you’ve found in this collection of resources include:

  • Evidence surgeries – one to one support to gather, understand and use evidence in your practice  
  • Using tools – support to adapt and use our tools in your practice
  • Online facilitation – tell us what you want to know about. If there’s interest in particular topics we can explore facilitating online discussions or webinars