Sharing stories about individualised funding, individualised supports and lifestyle arrangements

Published in Features on 21 Oct 2014

My previous note was about facing with the emotions that arise in a specific transition: that from receiving traditional support services to making lifestyle choices and then purchasing the support needed to implement these. How do you encourage people to be creative when in the past they have been used to be the passive recipients of ‘services’?.. with peers sharing transition stories!

Peer video stories can encapsulate the essence of learnt lessons about control, flexibility, choice and freedom of time. Filmed narratives that integrate multiples voices and perspectives can provide qualitative data on social impact. Peer video narratives can make significant contributions in two ways: inspiring people into acting to achieve better life outcomes and guide the way forward to start on an action path. These stories can also provide the building blocks for sector leadership (development) who want to more consciously grow self-determination and personal authority on both (a) personal and professional levels. Technology can potentially enable this E-learning process by tackling the challenge of how to distribute those stories most beneficial for audiences with diverse needs at the time they need it most. The following clip shows the value that people find in sharing such stories.

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