User involvement in social work education

Published in News on 4 Jul 2018

Service user and carer (SUAC) involvement in social work education has been mandatory for 15 years now. There is a lot of learning to share with educators and practitioners working across health, social care and public services generally. The learning is also relevant to policy makers committed to mainstreaming person-centred or person-led approaches, and true partnership working.

Today, we launch four stories that illustrate and celebrate SUAC involvement in teaching and learning. These have been created in partnership with the Scottish Inter-University Service User and Carers Network.

The stories:

  • highlight current challenges and future ambitions of user involvement
  • challenge your sense of professional identity 
  • inspire you to reflect on your current practice
  • support you to be a better practitioner

‘Working with rather than doing to people’ has huge positive transformative potential, and needs to be at the heart of what we do as we drive forward key policies like integration and SDS. 

Four more stories will be released in the autumn. 

Read the stories

Note: These stories were also shared real-time at an event on 17 April 2018 in Edinburgh, which involved inspirational speakers from Scotland, Sweden and Belgium. Read the event report.