Capturing social work impact

ESSS Outline

ESSS Outline Capturing social work impact
This Outline looks at evidence around methods for capturing the impact of social work interventions. We identified a large body of literature relating to the value of effectively measuring the impact of social work interventions, particularly in the area of children and families, and many different approaches to doing so, however there is no consensus around the best way to approach impact measurement or any one standard approach. Overall, a key message from the evidence is that the broad range of services provided, outcomes sought and people being supported by social services may not be suited to a one size fits all approach to identification of impact of social work and tailored approaches to measurement depending on each context may be more effective, accurate and robust in determining what changes different interventions have led to on an individual level.

Making connections

Report of Making Connections conference, focused on partnership working with service user and carers in social work education.

The Care Collective, Episode 186
Information on a project in East Renfrewshire to support carers and involve them in discussions and decisions about their support.

Keeping it Real

The Keeping It Real conference at Stirling University on 26 April 2017 celebrated Service User and Carer Involvement in Professional Education and the difference it makes.

This was about showcasing good practice, sharing ideas and future ambitions, and discussing key challenges.

Sara Hitchens spoke eloquently (see attached presentation), reflecting back on the first national conference at Stirling University in 2013 (Real Lives: Real Difference) and the learning journey. She identified three essential ingredients for effective service user and carer involvement:

Seeking workshop contributions

You are invited to provide a workshop contribution to a national conference to share and promote best practice in service user and carer involvement in professional education.

The conference will be held on 26 April 2017 at the University of Stirling and bring together service users and carers, students, educators, professionals and policy-makers. It will be relevant to social work, health, education and other areas of professional education, at qualifying and post-qualifying levels.

Workshops should:

A watershed for social work in Scotland, Episode 159
Presents views and reflections of people who attended an event to explore the implications of the Audit Scotland report on social work in Scotland.