Improving understanding about supervision

Published on 27 Nov 2019

Supervision is an essential component of social work and social care practice, not just for frontline staff, but at all levels in an organisation. It can provide a safe space for workers to reflect on their practice, as well as to develop skills and knowledge (Iriss, 2015).

In partnership with the SSSC, we worked with individuals and organisations on this topic, which has resulted in a number of helpful resources that have been updated recently. 

Here's a summary of resources that are available:

  • Achieving effective supervision, Iriss Insight 30. Written by Martin Kettle at Glasgow Caledonian University. 
  • Leading change in supervision - a project led by Iriss which explored the topic of supervision with a group of six partners from across the social services sector. 
  • Leadership stories: developing effective supervision - an Iriss and SSSC project working with three organisations: Nether Johnstone House, Simon Community Scotland and Dundee City Council.
  • SSSC supervision learning resource.