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Attend our evidence café on 3 October in Glasgow on the theme of NQ social workers, supervision and child protection.

Leadership stories

Stories from the Iriss and Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) leadership and supervision project.

Improving supervision in social work

1 Nov 2016

‘Effective Supervision is the cornerstone of safe social work practice. There is no substitute for it’

Lord Laming in his Inquiry report into the death of Victoria Climbié (2003)

Leading change in supervision

Messages from practice

Report that describes the rationale, process and learning from a project which explored the topic of supervision with a group of six partners.

Leading change in supervision

Iriss's Leading Change in Supervision project aimed to explore the topic of supervision with six partners from across social services, and to highlight the challenges and enablers for changing supervision.

The final report and case studies, as well as an Iriss Insight - Achieving effective supervision - have been published.

Intensive supervision, surveillance and monitoring of young people

Insight 9

Highlights evaluations of Intensive Monitoring and Supervision (ISMS) in Scotland and the Intensive Supervision and Surveillance Programme (ISSP) in England and Wales, interventions that include elements of intensive support, supervision and monitoring, including electronic monitoring (EM).

The throughcare map

Stages involved in the provision of a throughcare service to prisoners

This resource guides users through the various stages involved in the provision of a throughcare service to prisoners, from the point of sentence through to release and supervision within the community.