Seeking workshop contributions

You are invited to provide a workshop contribution to a national conference to share and promote best practice in service user and carer involvement in professional education.

The conference will be held on 26 April 2017 at the University of Stirling and bring together service users and carers, students, educators, professionals and policy-makers. It will be relevant to social work, health, education and other areas of professional education, at qualifying and post-qualifying levels.

Workshops should:

Values into Action Scotland

Iriss.fm, episode 129

Michael McEwan talks to David Ross about how his work as a Quality Checker helps people bring more choice and control into their lives.

Go4IT Digital Inclusion Service

Iriss.fm, episode 112

Interviews with staff and participants at Go4IT, a digital inclusion service for adults with disabilities who are supported by Quarriers.

Knowledge into practice

Iriss.fm, episode 92

Michael McEwan talks to Dr Ann Wales about translating knowledge into practice.

Personal learning networks introduction - Malcolm Wright

Personal learning networks

NES Chief Executive Malcolm Wright. The social use of knowledge is an important strand of the Knowledge into Action strategy which aims to make finding and using knowledge a routine part of everyday work. By social use of knowledge we mean the tools, techniques and skills that connect people so that they can share experience and find ways of applying knowledge.

Personal learning networks introduction - Alison Petch

Personal learning networks

The knowledge management strategy for the social services highlights the vital role of social media and urges organisations to encourage and nurture the innovative use of web-based interactive tools for communication, collaboration and learning.

Building your personal learning network

People who can seek new information, make sense of it, and share it with their colleagues will be an asset to any work team

In today’s workplace we learn with and from one another. This is called social learning. Popular social media, such as Twitter and LinkedIn, offer great opportunities for connecting, conversing, collaborating... and learning from one another…

Using the Sony Playstation Portable (PsP) for context based learning

Iriss.fm, episode 82

Key Community Supports provides support for people with disabilities across Scotland. During 2013 Iriss worked with Key to explore how mobile technologies might provide context-based information and training for care workers. Specifically we looked at how a mainstream device - the Sony Playstation Portable - could be used to deliver video instructions and support.

Fostering innovation: a shared learning experience

Building a culture of innovation where staff ideas, empowerment, and leadership drive change and improvement

Darren Levine is Manager of Innovation and Research for the Social Services Department, The Regional Municipality of Durham, Ontario, Canada. This role involves supporting the development, implementation, and evaluation of staff-driven innovation and research across the department's divisions - Children's Services, Family Services, Income and Employment Support, Housing Services, Long Term Care and Services for Seniors, and Business Affairs and Financial Management.