Voices and visions: collaborating for improved third sector social work student placements

The focus of this project is to explore student social work placements in third sector organisations to better understand how third sector experience contributes to preparing students to enter the profession confident and ready. There will be a focus on the learning relationships involved in student placements, and understanding the processes and structures that support high quality student practice and experiences in third sector placements. The lead sector partner is People Know How – a charity based in Edinburgh and the Lothians that aims to improve wellbeing across communities by supporting people to overcome barriers and thrive.

And now, over to you...

Perspectives shared from third sector organisations at our first Voices and Visions session

And we are off! Earlier this week, we had our first Voices and Visions online session. We were delighted to welcome so many representatives from third sector organisations who are currently, or who are planning to host social work student placements. We wanted to listen, and to hear broadly about different experiences, and to begin to unpick what’s involved for third sector organisations when they host a social work student placement.