The Adult Support and Protection National Large Scale Investigation Framework

Published in Reports on 6 Jun 2023

A Large Scale Investigation or LSI is a specific type of Adult Support and Protection investigation. It applies to services provided by agencies and/or organisations, and can include day services, outreach facilities, NHS facilities, care homes, supported accommodation, or when someone is receiving services in their own home. It may be required when there is a belief that a particular service, or an alleged harmer, may be placing more than one resident or service user at risk of harm.

The framework document attached below offers a set of processes and principles that will be helpful to those conducting and/or participating in Large Scale Investigations. To help think through how these processes and principles can be realised, the framework also contains practice steps that can be considered as hallmarks of good practice. It complements the Revised Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act 2007 Code of Practice, and builds on the good practice already happening around Scotland.

This framework is primarily aimed at Local Authorities in Scotland. However, its principles will also be relevant to all those who are part of Large Scale Investigations, whether they have statutory powers or not.