Food for Thought. The experience of partnership and co-production, episode 62

Jane Alcorn of Foster Care Associates describes her experience of being part of the project in particular working with academics. In particular she mentions the difference between evidence based practice and practice based evidence, Jane is followed by Laura Steckley of the University of Strathclyde who reflects on the pros and cons of co-production.

Public criminology: academics engaging with public life discussion

Crime and justice research

Research soundbite - the role and value of criminology in a democratic society. This discussion explores the role and value of criminology, and academia more broadly, in a democratic society. The recent publication by Ian Loader and Richard Sparks, Public Criminology?, is taken as the starting point for discussion, and after outlining some of the key points of the book, participants respond with their own experiences and perspectives.

Integration of learning for practice: evaluation of the Academic Advisor role

Learning for Effective and Ethical Practice

Evaluation of a novel method of supporting the integration of learning for practice in Social Work settings: the Academic Advisor role. This evaluation examines the process and workings of a new approach to the integration of learning and practice, namely the introduction of Academic Advisors to practice learning settings in Edinburgh, Midlothian and Glasgow.

New assessment methods: practice audit

Integrated Assessment

A Practice Audit of current assessment methods in social work education was commissioned by the Scottish Institute for Excellence in Social Work Education (SIESWE) to provide a resource to assist the development of the new social work degree in Scotland. The aim of the audit was to provide a cross-sectional account of current and recent arrangements for the assessment of social work learning in the UK, analysing educational approaches, resources, models and methods employed.

New assessment methods: literature review

Integrated Assessment

This report was commissioned by the Scottish Institute for Excellence in Social Work Education (SIESWE) as a resource on assessment for the development of the new social work degree in Scotland and provides an overview of the current literature on assessment methods being utilised in social work education both in the United Kingdom and beyond. This report begins by reviewing the various methods of assessment in social work education which were found in the literature.