New assessment methods: practice audit

Integrated Assessment
Published on 14 Mar 2004

A Practice Audit of current assessment methods in social work education was commissioned by the Scottish Institute for Excellence in Social Work Education (SIESWE) to provide a resource to assist the development of the new social work degree in Scotland. The aim of the audit was to provide a cross-sectional account of current and recent arrangements for the assessment of social work learning in the UK, analysing educational approaches, resources, models and methods employed. A further objective of the audit was to summarise current best practice issues and indicators from across the U.K. The practice audit was comprised of two components: a full audit of assessment practices in Scottish Schools of Social Work, focusing upon assessment methods employed in Dip.SW. programmes for the academic year 2003-2004 and innovations/ planned innovations in assessment; an audit of innovation and 'best practice' in assessment in social work education in all remaining U.K. schools of social work.