Improvement learning

Thought bubble on a chalk board
A partnership event to raise awareness of improvement learning in Scotland’s social services.

Leading improvement learning?

Thought bubble with light bulb
Attend a free event on 28 August where the SSSC, Iriss and the Care Inspectorate will explore how to support people’s learning to promote improvement activity within services.

Launch of Evidence Search and Summary Service

ESS Service

Need support to find and use evidence to inform practice? 

Today, we launch ESSS, our free evidence search and summary service. ESSS will help you find and use evidence from research, practice and experience to inform service improvement and continuous learning.

The service is led by our Knowledge Manager, Lauren Smith, who will be happy to support you with your enquiry.

Find out more.


Difficulties, decisions, deliberations

D-Cards - difficulties, decisions, deliberations
A series of cards that can support you to facilitate difficult discussions and decisions.

How action research can help to deliver better services (video)

Creative storyboard


This storyboard (animated video) aims to explain what action research is and how it can help to improve public services. It uses the example of Cedar (Children experiencing domestic abuse recovery) to talk through how action research can be useful and offers some hints and tips for those thinking about undertaking action research themselves.

Creating a culture of innovation

Final report of the Creating a Culture of Innovation project

Creating a culture of innovation

Report that provides an overview and analysis of activities undertaken by Iriss - insights that have been gathered over the course of the Creating a Culture of Innovation project and a review of literature on encouraging creativity within organisations.

Attitudes and approaches to evidence, innovation and improvement in social services in Scotland

The Iriss has three programmes through which it delivers its work: evidence-informed practice, innovation and improvement, and knowledge media. Iriss wished to conduct research to examine attitudes, approaches, use and barriers to innovation and improvement and evidence-informed practice in the sector which could be used as a baseline for future research to track and monitor attitudinal change. The objectives of the research were to: