Jo McFarlane's journey to recovery, Episode 205
The moving story of Jo McFarlane, a writer, poet and public speaker. She provides an engaging story of her early life and journey to recovery, peppered with powerful, and often comic, poetry.

How early years trauma affects the brain

The child who mistrusts good care

Dan Hughes

Dan Hughes, Clinical Psychologist, from U.S.A., is the originator of dyadic developmental psychotherapy (DDP) and also attachment-focused family therapy. He is an internationally acclaimed therapist and author of ground-breaking books on attachment and emotional recovery.

Trauma and looked after children, episode 122
Christine Gordon and Karen Wallace - co-founders of Adapt Scotland - talk to Fiona Lettice about their first hand experience of fostering, adoption and trauma.

Trauma sensitive practice with children in care

Insight 27

Insight 27 - Trauma sensitive practice with children in care
This Insight is intended to summarise the evidence in this challenging area of work and to support practitioners to reflect on their practice in this context. An enhanced understanding of trauma can enable practitioners and managers, from all the agencies working with children in care, to improve their practice with severely distressed children and to reduce the negative impact of trauma not only on children but also on the adults caring for them.

Attachment focused therapy for children and young people, episode 15
Dan Hughes - the developer of dyadic developmental psychotherapy speaks to Edwina Grant about creating an attitude of PACE - playful, accepting, curious, and empathic - which is central to dyadic developmental psychotherapy.

Vicarious traumatisation or vicarious transformation? - Arash Toosheh

Glasgow School of Social Work research seminar

Dr Arash Toosheh PhD Researcher in Psychotraumatology at Glasgow School of Social Work. Arash obtained his qualification in 2010. He was supervised by Dr Pam Green Lister and professor Andy Kendrick. Arash is originally from Iran and brings a unique multi-cultural perspective to social work.

Recorded Glasgow School of Social Work research seminar series.