Fit for the Future

Published in Features on 6 Feb 2015

Fit for the Future is a partnership project of Iriss and Scottish Care dedicated to inspiring better outcomes for older people by working with providers from the independent sector. The project worked with care homes and care at home providers in four areas - Argyll and Bute, Falkirk, North Lanarkshire and West Lothian - to support innovation and service redesign. Key areas such as outcomes, care in times of transition, community links and compassion were explored. Some of the journeys involved radical change, but most were about how making small changes can make a big difference for older people.

A website has been created to showcase the resources that have resulted from the project. They are split into four categories:

  • Small steps - modest but mighty ideas that are easy to try. Examples include values-based recruitment and five lessons on bringing people together.
  • Walk - stories of small tests of change that helped providers and their partners learn about making a real impact on day-to-day practice.
  • Run - detail on some of the bigger redesigns. Examples include the journey to intermediate care in a care home and reablement in a care home setting.
  • Fly - thoughts on the future of care and support and an exploration on what might need to happen to get there.

It is recommended that people start where they're comfortable. The resource provides lots of inspirational ideas, and there's something for everyone interested in reshaping care for older people.