News and events

Attend the second of two events on how to commission health and social care differently.
The findings of research on how people experience poverty and social exclusion in rural areas.
The NCS is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get things right in social work and social care support.
Join us at an event to explore how we can commission care and support in a way that enables people to thrive.
Attend an event to explore and build on what evidence is available, and what decision-makers need to hear and understand.
A summary of a workshop hosted in partnership with ENRICH Scotland.
Scottish Government announces funding to help increase NHS and social care capacity.
An opportunity for people and organisations to raise their voice against poverty and show what is being done to tackle it across Scotland.
The Social Work Professional Support Service offers free and confidential peer coaching to social workers. Enhance your skills by working with your very own coach.
Attend a webinar to hear from Iain Ramsay, Professional Social Work Adviser at Scottish Government, on how rural social workers can connect and support each other.