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Could you be our new Head of Resources or Development Lead (Innovation and Change)?
Research investigating the impact that the Short Breaks Fund Time to Live (TfL) grant scheme has had on the personal outcomes of unpaid adult carers during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Learning from Wales on what's needed to support independent living and change how care and support is provided.
Register for a course that will help you apply ethical principles to the planning and purchase of adult social care and support services.
Practical ways to get human rights 'right' for disabled people.
Attend a webinar to explore how the ever developing use of technology has and could continue to impact on social work practice in rural settings.
A call for social workers to support people experiencing forced migration in Ukraine.
We've recruited six new members to the Iriss Board of Directors.
Write an evidence summary - influence social work and social care practice and policy.
Dr Dorothy Neriah describes and proposes a model for recruiting foster carers.