Partnerships & CO

conversation openers

A tool that provides a framework for open, honest conversations about partnerships

Voluntary social care recruitment

ESSS Outline

This evidence summary seeks to identify some best practice recruitment strategies from voluntary social care and other relevant sectors and industries. It provides background information about social care recruitment in Scotland and identifies the key challenges identified in the evidence.

Co-production Project Planner

a resource to support co-production projects happen effectively

a resource to support co-production projects happen effectively

Distributed leadership in early years and childcare

ESSS Outline

This Outline explores distributed approaches to leadership in the context of childcare and early years settings. It provides some background to Scottish policy priorities and principles of leadership and distributed approaches.

Conversations with the Dundee Early Intervention Team, extended, Episode 192

The Dundee Early Intervention Team provides early intervention support to families. In this extended conversation, practitioners Natalie, Harriet, Jade, Bianca and Brian share their experiences of working with families using a social pedagogy model.

Conversation with Greg Campbell, a support worker, Episode 191

Michael McEwan has a conversation with Greg Campbell, a support worker, who speaks about his motivations for pursuing a career in care, the transition from education to practice and the positive and challenging experiences.