Case studies

Case studies that showcase practice in Scotland

Change is a Must (CIAM)

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Change is a must
Change Is a Must (CIAM) was developed in response to the local and national focus on early years, early intervention, and the increase in numbers of children on the Child Protection Register who are affected by parental substance misuse. CIAM reflects priority areas within Perth and Kinross Single Outcome Agreement, as well as national policy.

Castlemilk Family Learning Centre

This is where it starts

This is where it starts
Castlemilk Family Learning Centre provides care and education to children from birth to five years old (pre-school) and has capacity for 74 full time places. It is open 52 weeks a year.

Midlothian Sure Start

This is where it starts

This is where it starts
Midlothian Sure Start, a third sector organisation which aims to give young children (from pre-birth to 11 years) the best possible start. A range of services are provided through six centres and on an outreach basis within the semi-rural community. Project users including families with young children are provided with holistic support.

Corsehill Nursery

This is where it starts

This is where it starts
Corsehill Nursery, part of Corsehill Primary School in Kilwinning. The school already provided a nursery for children from three to five years old. In 2007 North Ayrshire Council used funding from Scottish Government to pilot a project within the school to provide care for vulnerable children under three.

Aberlour Bridges

This is where it starts

This is where it starts
Aberlour Bridges is an early intervention model aiming to break cycles of poverty and deprivation and tackle the long-term cost implications of under-achievement. The overall aim of the service is to develop and deliver interventions with parents, carers and children in order to improve children's educational, health and wellbeing outcomes

How good is our leadership?

Learning from Angus Council, written by Fran Deacon and Pam Linton

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This case study is based on the key findings of research undertaken within Angus Council Social Work and Health (Deacon, 2011), which asked the question - how good is our leadership?

Talking Mats, the Continuous Learning Framework and outcomes

Gathering feedback about staff qualities and capabilities from people who use services: using Talking Mats and the Continuous Learning Framework

People using talking mats

St Joseph's Service is part of a registered national charity- Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul. St Joseph's provides support services for people with a learning disability in Midlothian and Edinburgh. The Service supports 85 people through person centred planning and service delivery in a variety of locations. St Joseph's is set up in circles of best practice which ensures their focus is on connection, friendship inclusion and belonging.