Case studies

Case studies that showcase practice in Scotland

Talking Mats, the Continuous Learning Framework and outcomes

Gathering feedback about staff qualities and capabilities from people who use services: using Talking Mats and the Continuous Learning Framework

St Joseph's Service is part of a registered national charity- Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul. St Joseph's provides support services for people with a learning disability in Midlothian and Edinburgh. The Service supports 85 people through person centred planning and service delivery in a variety of locations. St Joseph's is set up in circles of best practice which ensures their focus is on connection, friendship inclusion and belonging.

Knowledge management in practice - Charlene Tait

Interview with Charlene Tait, development director, Scottish Autism

In this short video, new Iriss Champion, Charlene Tait, describes the process of sharing knowledge to improve practice within Scottish Autism.

This forms part of the Iriss evidence informed practice case study series designed to help practitioners share their experiences of using different types of evidence to change the delivery of services.

Autism – telling a story through video

How we made Liam's story

Liam Robertson is 20 years old and has autism. He has a passion for film, attends Scottish Youth Theatre, works part-time in a Barnardo's shop in Glasgow and would like to pursue a career in the theatre.

Measuring outcomes in Angus

The wellbeing web

What is the wellbeing web?

In 2011, Angus Council produced the wellbeing web. The wellbeing web is an interactive tool designed to facilitate an engaging and positive process to measure outcomes with children and adults. The wellbeing web is used to capture specific outcomes, and for those receiving support to recognise where they are, where they would like to be, and what steps they need to take to get there.

Case study: Embedding evidence at Includem

Benefits, barriers and lessons learnt

Includem is a third sector organisation supporting some of Scotland's most vulnerable, high risk and challenging young people. It provides relationship-based support to help troubled young people achieve better lives, working in partnership with local authorities, carers, families and other agencies.

Talking Mats - case study evidence

Talking Mats and Reviews

An outreach worker at the Centre was working with a young boy who was experiencing significant difficulties at school including aggression and non-compliance. He was being excluded and had also spent considerable periods of time being looked after away from home by other family members. During meetings which the boy was not part of it became clear that his own views and voice was not being heard.