Chronologies in Adult Support and Protection: moving from current to best

Published in Reports on 5 Jun 2023

This report describes scoping research undertaken by Iriss, commissioned by the Scottish Government in 2022, in support of the implementation of key elements of the Adult Support and Protection (ASP) National Improvement Plan (Scottish Government, 2019), in relation to the areas of 'data and evidence' and 'practice improvement.' A key focus is chronologies which are consistently identified across inspection reports and numerous other reviews of adult Support and Protection activity (including Significant Case Reviews) as an area of improvement.

This research also supports the work of the ASP National Implementation Group, formed to support both national and local implementation of the revisions of the Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) act 2007 Code of Practice. Membership comprises a wide range of stakeholder organisations who will work together between 2022 and 2024 and has a number of subgroups including one on chronologies.

Existing evidence including joint inspection reports, collated reviews of ASP Initial Case Reviews and Significant Case Reviews as well as individual Significant Case Reviews were reviewed to inform the design of the scoping research. Interviews and a survey were used to collect views and experiences from a range of stakeholders on chronologies including on existing guidance, processes, tools, IT systems, challenges, effective practice and improvements needed.