Ellen Daly

Care Visions workshop

Bringing together leaders across children's services

About the session

As part of our work with Care Visions this year, we ran a workshop at the new Social Hub (highly recommended!) with a group of managers from their children’s services. The session provided a valuable opportunity to bring together leaders from residential and fostering services, something they don’t often have the chance to do. Ahead of the session, we shared some questions to gather views so we could design the session accordingly.

Reimagining social work

Iriss & North Ayrshire HSCP

This report provides an overview of a project between Iriss and North Ayrshire HSCP from April 2023 and February 2024. A brief background is outlined and a summary of workshop activity provided, with detailed workshop reports available in the appendices…

Reimagining social work in North Ayrshire

Learning summary and report

Between May 2023 and February 2024, Iriss designed and facilitated four sessions for a project with North Ayrshire HSCP as part of our Space to Practice theme. The project aimed to explore what a reimagined social work in North Ayrshire might look like.

A coaching approach

Asking new questions, hearing new things

Last Autumn I started a coaching course with the Institute of Coaching Studies. Over six weeks, a small group of us from all over the world spent two half days a week online together. Led by an excellent tutor, we worked through the course and practiced coaching from the very first session. I thought I knew what coaching was but I soon realised the depth of skill involved in what seems like having a natural conversation. 

Improving chronology practice in ASP

Case studies

A focus on chronologies has been core to our ASP workstream this year. We’ve been working closely with the Chronologies Implementation Subgroup. This is one of four subgroups in support of the ASP National Implementation Group, formed to support both national and local implementation of the revisions of the Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act 2007 Code of Practice. 

Practitioner Research with NQSWs in North Ayrshire HSCP

Benefits, challenges, ideas

Iriss and North Ayrshire HSCP colleagues met in Saltcoats in early November for a workshop about practitioner research. We were joined by newly qualified and student social workers plus a Practice Teacher from the Learning and Development team. Iriss is supporting other change work in the HSCP around commissioning and reimagining social work…

What's our change story?

Iriss & North Ayrshire HSCP

Iriss and North Ayrshire HSCP colleagues met in Irvine on the 30th August 2023 for a workshop, building on a previous session in May. The workshop was designed to support and network various pieces of improvement work happening across the HSCP and to help define this change story. 50 participants, including practitioners and managers from a range of service areas, attended the workshop. 

Reimagining social work

Kick-off workshop

Iriss and North Ayrshire HSCP colleagues met in Irvine on the 29th May for a kick-off workshop. Part of Iriss’s Space to Practice theme, the workshop was designed to provide a blend of presentation on key topics (innovation and ideas, Community Social Work, Local Area Coordination, ways to make change) and space for group reflection, discussion and planning…

Chronologies in Adult Support and Protection: moving from current to best

This report describes scoping research undertaken by Iriss in support of the implementation of key elements of the Adult Support and Protection (ASP) National Improvement Plan (Scottish Government, 2019), in relation to the areas of 'data and evidence' and 'practice improvement.' A key focus is chronologies, which are consistently identified across inspection reports and numerous other reviews of adult Support and Protection activity (including Significant Case Reviews) as an area of improvement…