Social media in the social services

Published in Reports on 17 Jan 2011

A report for Iriss by Focused on Learning Ltd.

"The challenge for all councils now is to move social media off their list of challenges and on to their list of opportunities. If they don't, they face moving into a changing world under equipped and under-resourced. If they do though, they may find that the solutions they seek are right under their nose"

The web has revolutionised the way we use and share information yet, despite the growing awareness of the value of social networking and social media, local authority staff frequently report that access to web-based services is blocked or that their web browser lacks the required functionality (for example some employers do not install the Flash plugin by default or have javascript enabled, while others use the out-dated Internet Explorer 6).

This report builds on existing evidence to argue the case for breaking down the cultural and technology barriers that prevent the use of social media learning and development and knowledge sharing in the workplace.