Supporting outcomes-focused practice

Iriss Forum 2010
Published on 10 Mar 2011

Iriss Forum 2010 - Challenging times, creative solutions was the first Iriss Forum. Those who attended had the opportunity to hear from a number of speakers and found out how Iriss can support the social services workforce to 'do things differently'. Was focused on how solutions can be found by working in partnership to deliver successful outcomes for the people that access Scotland's social services.

Outcomes-focused practice has been heralded as key to creating innovative and responsive services, yet the practical challenges of implementing the outcomes approach are seldom addressed. This session looked at some of the tools Iriss has developed to support practitioners achieve better outcomes for the people that use services and their carers. These include web-based tools designed to facilitate evidence-informed practice as well as Leading for Outcomes - a manual aimed at supporting team leaders to embed and sustain outcome-focused practice in their teams.