Sectarianism, racism and hate crime

Research soundbite
Published in Videos on 30 Jun 2011

Kay Goodall, from the School of Law at the University of Stirling talking about research she is currently undertaking about sectarianism, racism and 'hate' crime.

Kay has been working on this issue from both a conceptual and practice perspective. Here Kay talks about her research about how we conceptualise 'racism' and 'sectarianism', and what the implications of this are for the legal system. Her discussion draws on individual cases and the issues they present in terms of conceptualisation.

Kay also talks about a workshop series she has been organising (funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh) which aims to develop guidance in this area and encourage discussion between participants from a range of organisations. Finally, she talks about the issue of sectarianism in Scotland, which she recently wrote an article about for the Edinburgh Law Review.

Recorded 2nd June 2011.

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