Criminal justice in Scotland - Mary Munro

Research soundbite
Published in Videos on 27 Jun 2011

Mary Munro talks about a new book she edited with Hazel Croall and Gerry Mooney, entitled 'Criminal Justice in Scotland'. The book was published in December 2010, for further details see Criminal Justice in Scotland.

In this clip Mary talks about some of the key themes and issues explored in the book:

  1. Distinctiveness: Is Scottish criminal justice distinctive and if so, what has the impact of devolution been?
  2. Welfarism: Does Scottish criminal justice demonstrate more welfarist and humane values?
  3. Inequalities: Can we discuss criminal justice in Scotland without exploring social justice and inequalities?

Mary Munro is a freelance researcher and criminology lecturer. She also runs a daily news and information service.

Recorded April 2011.