Evaluation of Women's Community Justice Centres: findings published

Over 2013-15, the Scottish Government provided time-limited funding to 16 projects across Scotland to establish new and develop existing community services for women who offend. A national evaluation examined how these services were implemented and to what extent they contributed towards positive outcomes for women (associated with reduced reoffending). This national evaluation was completed at the end of May 2015. It was undertaken by Ruth Dryden and Colleen Souness, former Associates at Iriss

Media and the criminal courts in Scotland, episode 28

At a seminar organised by Strathclyde University's Centre for Law, Crime and Justice, James Doleman talked about why social media in criminal courts should be seen as an opportunity rather than a problem.

Permanence panel: part two, episode 7

This mock Adoption and Permanence Panel considers the case of nine month old Douglas who is being considered for adoption. All characters are fictional although the facts of the case are drawn from real cases. The recording provides insight into the process and deliberations through which the panel reaches a decision. In this, the second of two episodes, the panel considers the view of the mother and her extended family on the future care of Douglas.

Discovering desistance, episode 2

Claire Lightowler (Iriss) hosts a discussion at the second of two workshops held in Glasgow on 16 May 2012 as part of the desistance knowledge exchange. The knowledge exchange workshops are part of a project funded by the ESRC involving Iriss, Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research, Queens University, Belfast and the University of Sheffield.

Crime and justice research collection published

Iriss has been involved in the development of a crime and justice research collection, which contains a mixture of podcasts and videos about recent research on crime and justice related topics.

The collection has been designed to improve access to, and awareness of, research findings and debate. It includes a combination of videos and audio, and has been supported by the Higher Education Academy: C-SAP Network, Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research (SCCJR) and Iriss.

Influencing trust and confidence in the London Metropolitan Police

Research soundbite

Ben Bradford

SCCJR's Ben Bradford discusses his paper about influencing trust and confidence in the London Met (co-authored with Elizabeth Stanko and Katrin Hohl). The paper details how the researchers measured levels of trust and confidence in the police across areas of London.

Culture, change and community justice

Research soundbite

Fergus McNeill

Professor Fergus McNeill discusses a literature review of the management of change within community justice organisations, conducted with Ros Burnett and Tricia McCulloch. The review explored: