Desistance research and probation practice

Research soundbite
Published in Videos on 27 Jun 2011

Professor Fergus McNeill discusses research he has been working on with Beth Weaver about desistance. The bulk of the clip focuses on a chapter they co-authored entitled 'Travelling Hopefully: Desistance Research and Probation Practice' where the metaphor of a journey is used to depict the process of desistance).

Fergus also refers to a co-authored literature review, called 'Changing Lives? Desistance Research and Offender Management which explores desistance from crime and the purposes of offender management.

A recent talk by Fergus about desistance presented to the National Offender Management Service Conference in March 2010 may also be of interest. (Fergus McNeills recent presentation about Changing Lives is available to download).

Recorded June 2010.