Gypsy Travellers

Hidden issues

Reflecting on the Rural Social Work Scotland Forum online conference, May 2024

Tina Laurie (University of the West of Scotland) reflects on the Rural Social Work Scotland Forum online conference that was held in early May 2024…

Co-producing cultural competency

Working with the Govanhill Roma Community

Project inspired by the Iriss evidence summary that explores social work’s role in upholding the human rights of Scottish Gypsy Travellers.

Gypsy Travellers and social work's role

Friday 24 March saw the launch of Iriss Insight 35 - Gypsy Travellers: Human rights and social work's role - at an event to start conversations to bring about lasting change. The event was a partnership of members of the Gypsy Traveller community, Iriss and Scottish Association of Social Work (SASW), and was chaired by Lesley Riddoch. Held at Glasgow Caledonian University, it formed part of World Social Day celebrations and had 70 people attend.