Integrated assessments in children’s services

ESSS Outline

Integrated assessments in children's services
This Outline explores the evidence around integrated assessment in children's services, identifies research around children's and families' experiences of the assessment process and recommendations for good practice around how to improve assessment experiences. It also includes some articles focusing on key issues in integrated assessment, including electronic information systems, data protection, privacy and the potential impacts of surveillance, and signposts to some training, learning resources and tools.

Frameworks for child participation in social care

ESSS Outline

ESSS Outline Frameworks for child participation in social care
This summary looks at the participation of children and young people in social care, including examples of recent frameworks. We drew on a wide range of evidence focusing on children and young people's participation, and included literature looking at specific contexts where challenges most commonly occur, such as in child protection, and with BAME and disabled youth. We found that while there was no shortage of resources on participation, there were still limitations around evaluations of the effectiveness of structures and procedures to enable children and young people to have their wishes taken into account.

Effective user involvement - Peter Beresford

What Works: Putting Research Into Practice

Peter Beresford discusses user involvement in public service design and management has been widely promoted as a means of improving the quality and responsiveness of services. This workshop examines the role of the user in service planning.

Recorded What Works: Putting Research Into Practice.

Listening to children: taking children and young people's participation forward - Kay Tisdall

Getting It Right for Every Child: Childhood, Citizenship and Children's Services

Dr Kay Tisdall, Programme Director of the MSc in Childhood Studies, University of Edinburgh.

Session 1 - Children's Voices, citizenship and inclusion. Chair: Sally Kuenssberg.

Recorded at Getting It Right for Every Child: Childhood, Citizenship and Children's Services, Glasgow, 24-26 September 2008.

Child's perspective on services and professionals - Malcolm Hill

What do we all need to know about children?

Malcolm Hill is Research Professor at the University of Strathclyde, and former Director of the Glasgow Centre for the Child and Society. His two most recent co-edited books have been on young people's participation and on child protection and youth justice.

Recorded at What do we all need to know about children? Defining a multi-professional learning agenda.