Hannah Martin

Finding hope

We've found hope for change in social support, through creating our commissioners toolkit 'Enabling Social Support for People with Epilepsy'

With funding from the Scottish Government, Quarriers, Epilepsy Connections and Epilepsy Scotland worked with Iriss to develop a national approach for commissioners to improve the availability of social support for people with an epilepsy diagnosis. Social support takes many forms, from peer support groups; to phone support from a national helpline; to formal counselling; or even taking part in activities organised by epilepsy organisations. 

From Clinic to Community

Support for people for people with epilepsy needs to go beyond meeting their clinical support needs.

In our work with Quarriers, Epilepsy Scotland and Epilepsy Connections, we’ve been talking with people who are living with epilepsy. We’ve heard how it impacts them, and what they need to support them to manage the condition. Epilepsy is a condition that impacts around 58 000 people in Scotland. It is one of the most common neurological conditions, and is lifelong.

The learning behind the Lab 

Sharing the ideas and thoughts that encouraged us to host the Ideas Lab

If you’re familiar with Iriss work, you will know that we have had projects running for a year in three thematic areas - Space to Practice, Day-to-Day Dignity and Foundations for Change. Last week, we ran an Ideas Lab event, that brought together new organisations and teams that had submitted an expression of interest in working with us as partners in 2024/2025.

Promoting conversations

Creating environments that make open conversation possible

Throughout our work with Passion4Fusion, we’ve been incredibly motivated by the optimism and drive of our partners. They are knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate about supporting the children and families they work with.

Where you find P4F, you find enthusiasm. 

Working with African Diaspora Families: launching our toolkit

Our supportive toolkit for the workforce has launched!

Earlier this week, we launched our toolkit for social work and social care practitioners, ‘Working with African Diaspora Families.’ We have been working in partnership with Passion4Fusion since April 2023, to imagine and create this resource. Along the design process, we’ve had invaluable input from social workers, to inform and shape the resource.

Social Support for People with Epilepsy

“We are people, we’re not just epilepsy … we can function but sometimes we have bad days"

Since April last year, we have been working with a collaborative of organisations supporting people in Scotland with epilepsy; Quarriers, Epilepsy Connections and Epilepsy Scotland. With 2023 just behind us, we’re reflecting on what we’ve learned through our work building a tool to inform and support commissioners about the need for social support for people with epilepsy. 

How do you feel about paperwork? 

If you're struggling to feel positively about paperwork, you'e not alone.

The photograph shows a collection of answers to the question 'How do you feel about paperwork?' The workshop participants answered with: 'the fear', 'stress', 'repeated', 'crap', 'repetitive'…