Hannah Martin

How do you feel about paperwork? 

If you're struggling to feel positively about paperwork, you'e not alone.

The photograph shows a collection of answers to the question 'How do you feel about paperwork?' The workshop participants answered with: 'the fear', 'stress', 'repeated', 'crap', 'repetitive'…

How do we record dignity?

Thinking about how to make paperwork meaningful, with the team at Abbotsford Care.

Abbotsford Care partnered with Iriss to explore how their paperwork can prompt and record the dignity that care home staff provide everyday to their residents. They recognise that paperwork is better at recording the quantifiable elements of support; and doesn’t always capture the deeper ways that staff support residents, and the team at Abbotsford want to consider this challenge.

Co-designing support

How we are harnessing workforce expertise to improve the experiences of black and ethnic minority families

At Iriss, we’ve been partnered with Passion4Fusion for nearly six months, working on the creation of a toolkit to equip the social care workforce with the understanding they need to best support black and ethnic minority families. Working with predominantly African diaspora in Edinburgh and the Lothians, this is an area that P4F know inside and out.

Leadership in social work

Reporting on research to explore the current practice context of social work leadership in Scotland, through the perspectives of social workers from across the profession, with the aim of better understanding how Social Work Scotland and its partners, including Iriss, can support developing and existing leaders in future…