A history of community social work

Published in News on 26 Sep 2018

On 13 September, at the Talking Social Work event held to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968, we launched Community social work Scotland: a critical history, fifty years of Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968 paper. 

Written by Colin Turbett, the paper examines the history of Community Social Work (CSW) in Scotland, its ups and downs, and draws some conclusions that might help those seeking opportunities for such practice in the future. 

The examples of community social work (CSW) showcased in 2018 by Iriss rest on a long tradition of community-orientation within the profession in Scotland. The interest in community also stems from the detailed work Iriss has undertaken in looking at the future of social work and social care in Scotland: the sometimes chilling post-independence referendum neoliberal scenarios suggested in Imagining the Future (2014). 

Print copies of the paper are available on request

Photo by John Sturrock.