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Project Springboard

Co-production is a process that creates change. It is a way of working with, rather than doing to, people and communities to achieve better outcomes.  Done well, the co-production process can support organisations and individuals become agents for change. This free resource builds on the work included in the co-production project planner. It is designed […]

An essay on identity work and desistance

This guest post comes from Paul Growcoot. Paul studied Philosophy at the University of North London and graduated in 1996. He then moved to northern Italy where he worked for 14 years as a teacher of English for foreign language … Continue reading →

Social service design

As part of Fire Starter Festival 2019, Iriss ran a workshop which provided participants with an opportunity to learn about service design in a social services context, and think critically about how we put people at the centre of such processes. It can be hard to get the head around what service design actually means […]

On being ‘human exhibits’ at Fire Starter launch

Myself and Ali Jones from Iriss set off on a cold January morning to celebrate the launch of  Firestarter Festival 2019. Fire Starter Festival is a two-week festival of collaborative learning events, illuminating creative, disruptive and innovative ways in which we can all transform ourselves, our organisations and the wider system. The theme was ‘designing’ and […]