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Workshop 2, 1st March

On the 1st of March, 2017, Iriss reconvened with the same group of care professionals from our last meeting in February. Everyone agreed that the last meeting had been productive and that all of the ground rules that had been

Getting there: Maddiston and Rumford – Short survey report

At the Maddiston and Rumford FEAST event we launched the findings of a community survey that we conducted in the local area. Towards the end of 2016, Maddiston Community Council and Iriss, with a range of other partners* helped design and conduct a survey asking local residents about their experiences of living in Maddiston and

Workshop 1, 1st February 2017

Introduction My name is Rebecca Dodd and I work with Iriss as an associate researcher. I have worked on a number of public and third sector projects involving education, libraries, health and wellbeing, youth issues and the arts.   My role in

The Maddiston and Rumford FEAST

  Our work on The Big Idea this year culminated in a community feast event for Maddiston and Rumford.  A FEAST is a community celebration which showcases local projects and gives the community the opportunity to choose who gets funding (along with sharing food and making connections). Our FEAST event was inspired by the Detroit