Integration of learning for practice: practice audit

Learning For Effective And Ethical Practice

Opportunities for interprofessional learning and agency-based practice learning opportunities. This practice audit was carried out as part of the Learning for Effective and Ethical Practice project, funded by the Scottish Institute for Excellence in Social Work Education. The audit examined three different but related areas: integration of learning for practice, opportunities for inter-professional learning and agency-based learning opportunities. A Scotland-wide postal survey was conducted and a small number of telephone interviews were carried out as follow up. The response rate for the three sections of the postal survey was between 23% and 27%, suggesting that findings should be interpreted with some caution.

What is presented is therefore a snapshot of current ideas and practice, as well as some key implications for the future. An important finding from the audit is that although we have some way to go in developing opportunities for integration of learning, interprofessional learning and agency-based learning in general, there is nevertheless a willingness and commitment to explore new approaches, in both field agencies and within higher education institutions.