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Glasgow School of Social Work research seminar

Professor Dennis Bracken, School of Social Work, University of Manitoba, Canada.

The document provides guidance for those involved in higher education to promote the involvement of service users and carers in the education of social work students.

e-learning in the workplace

Aileen Yates (COLEG) and Kenny Park (Cardonald College). This workshop will describe how the project developed blended learning resources and used these to support a blended approach within HNC…

e-learning in the workplace

Annette Thain, NHS e-library. The workshop will demonstrate the NHS Scotland e-Library, how to access it and how to register for a password; the Shared space tool which provides a virtual…

Glasgow School of Social Work research seminar

Dr. Tony Evans, University of York.

Preliminary findings of a study of practice-related research activity within social work agencies.

e-learning in the workplace

Dawn Leeder, UCeL. The workshop commences with an introduction to RLO-CETL, a demonstration of RLOs followed by a brief introduction to pedagogical design guidelines. Participants will brainstorm…

e-learning in the workplace

Tony Van Der Kuyl, Scottish Interactive Technology Centre, University of Edinburgh. Having large amounts of information online is not a solution for a quality learning experience, Personalisation…

Dr Ogilvie-Whyte reports on the existing evidence base supporting (or otherwise) the effectiveness of specialist training and education in child care and protection social work, particularly as it…

The Key Capabilities (KC) in Child Care and Protection are designed to allow students within social work degree programmes to map their specific learning in this area whilst achieving the more…