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SIESWE Project Managers

An interview with Linda Bruce - the Robert Gordon University.

SIESWE Project Managers

An interview with Kathryn MacKay - University of Stirling.

SIESWE Project Managers

An interview with Dr Brenda Gillies - University of Dundee.

Integrated Assessment

Three demonstration projects were initially planned to cover assessment of performance of social work students within three distinct aspects of the social work degree: readiness to practice,…

Learning For Effective And Ethical Practice

This evaluation examines the processes involved in establishing the provision of a range of innovative opportunities for interprofessional learning. The report also evaluates the experience of…

Our aim was to consider new opportunities for inter-professional learning within a range of existing and new service settings and explore the possibilities for a shared approach to the assessment…

Stow Society lecture

Kathleen Marshall, Commissioner for Children and Young People in Scotland.

Recorded at the annual Stow Society lecture.

Glasgow School of Social Work research seminar

Susan Batchelor, University of Strathclyde.

Learning For Effective And Ethical Practice

Between November 2003 and July 2005, the Scottish Institute for Excellence in Social Work Education commissioned The Universities of Edinburgh, Dundee and The Robert Gordon University to undertake…

Integrated Assessment

The overall aim of the Integrated Assessment Project was to develop innovative flexible and aligned assessment methods to promote deep learning for ethical and effective practice. It comprised of…